Phase inversión in EQ?

Anybody could tell me if in the EQ of ROON DSP is any Phaseshift or phase inversion
Alteration of phase is a list of quality

You should be using minimum phase convolution FIR filters if you are concerned about phase shift. All DSP impacts phase.

Phase Inversion yes but not phase shift as such. It is in the Speaker setup DSP plug in:

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I get two different answers first saying DSP affect phase and second sayid you can choose phase inversión but not phase shift
Could you clarify?

Both answers are correct.

Roon allows you to invert phase as part of DSP processing.

Phase shift is how EQ works and some EQ can leave the resulting wave form inverted from the input if the EQ isn’t designed in a way to minimize that. @grizaudio is correct in that, if this is something you are worried about, convolution filters can be tuned to minimize this effect.