Phone Bookmarks UI inconsistent with all other platforms, buried in menu

Why do desktop and tablets still display the Bookmarks button in the top right but it’s gone from Phone view? I now have to access the sidebar menu to access it from up by my profile pic.

The place I want the LEAST taps to access my bookmarks (which are now at least half corrupted by the unannounced change to bookmark queries) is on my phone and you put it right where it’s always going to annoy me.

Also: given how long pages are loading in 1.8, easy bookmark access would save me a lot of time at the moment.

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While I generally look favorably on the 1.8 update I have to agree on this one. I use the bookmarks extensively and my phone is my main remote. I would say there’s enough space top right for the bookmarks icon.

Bookmarks should be one click away. Thats the idea right. Really like the feature, especially in a small screen, so why hide it in a burger :roll_eyes: .

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