Phone Problem With Roon core Not recognized

Got a lot of new equipment last few weeks all started with roon loosing connection to my new surface duo. Bust since this is the setup i have now and i still dont get the desired fix.

Intel i7 10th gen NUC with windows 10 and roon core to a TP link Archer AX6000 router and then to my surface duo etc. Not sure what to do now.

Hi @Ivan_Lam,

What equipment is new? Is the networking gear new? Before adding in the new equipment did Roon work okay on the Surface?

How often does this disconnect happen? Are other remotes able to work okay still?

the pc and router are all new. the surface duo had issues with connecting before on my old setup. I had to restart roon in order to get the duo working. Its doing a bit better just
now but ill see if it keeps happening now.

happen all the time for the surface duo oddly on my ipad, labtops etc no issues

Hello @Ivan_Lam, and thanks for the information! So to confirm, you’ve always had issues connecting with the surface duo. If you stand closer to the router of switch Wi-Fi bands do you have a better connection? Have you rebooted the duo recently and is it up to date on updates?

right always had issues with the Duo at any distance from router or bands. It was just that fter some time the duo would loose connection from core and I would need to reboot roon then relaunch the app to get them connected again. Strangely last few days it seems to work much better now not sure why but all i did was resetting my google home mini’s due to another unrelated issue. ill let you know if it happens again.

hi so it seems the problem still persist except now my google home mini and all my other devices are not connecting wireless to my roon core at all when i launch the app it just does not find the core at all. and on the core I dont see the devices listed as outputs either.

Hello @Ivan_Lam, is your core connected via Ethernet as recommended in our networking best practices? If you have another remote that can be connected via Ethernet, could you please connect it to the router and see if the connection is reliable?

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