Photos, Album Covers, etc. not appearing on iMac since latest update. Roon version 2.0 (version 1202)

Since installing the latest update Roon is not displaying the majority (about 98%), of photos and cover art on the Home, Artist or Album pages of my iMac. If I select an individual album or artist things appear as normal on that following page. Not sure what is going on. This is happening with artwork supplied by Roon, Tidal and my personal library equally. I have rebooted my computer, modem and router but the problem persists. IOS devices are working fine. iMac is up to date. This is not a major issue but is anyone else experiencing the same anomaly?

Reboot everything that can possible be rebooted, starting with the router and ending at your Roon Core.

Reboot as said by @xxx. If it does not help,
Roon > Settings > Setup > Clear Image Cache

I rebooted everything and then cleared the image cache. That solved the problem. Thanks!!

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