Photos: format for TV screens (heads cut in half) or iPads (work fine)?

What type of screen is version 1.6 cropping photos to fit? (I searched under “photos” but couldn’t find this specific question discussed in previous threads, thus this new post.)

To offer an example, the photo of Mumford & Sons works perfectly on an iPad, but the heads are cut in half on a TV display or monitor. (When displayed in the Now Playing window.)

Another example: Look Again to the Wind: Johnny Cash – formats fine on an iPad, the head is cut in half on a TV screen.

I recall reading somewhere that Roon is now pushing out high def photos to meet the requirements of version 1.6, and that these new photos, coupled with face recognition technology, will solve the problem of the placement of faces.

But that would depend on what type of screen they are formatted for. TV screens are more rectangular and iPad are more square by comparison. So head shots that work OK on an iPad will be cut off or cut in half on a television.

If Roon formats and crops to work on a TV screen or monitor, it should work every time for an iPad, unless I’m missing something.

And if the next update redesigns the Now Playing window, and eliminates the thumbnail while moving the icons further down – thereby allowing more room for the photo or bio text – that should also help solve this problem with regards to photos and how they are cropped.