Pi 4 / Ubuntu 19 Server - Minimum install?

Hi Everyone,

I’m just a little confused. I see terms like bridge, server and core, so I’m not sure what to expect.

I am starting from having NO roon at all in the house. I’ve been using my Mytek DAC very successfully with this hardware using Logitech Media Server. Its a Pi 4 with 4 Gigs of RAM and lots of free disks. :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the roon-bridge for Arm8, and that runs and the check.sh script also says I have all the dependencies. I can’t get an Android app to connect though.

The app says it’s looking for “Roon Core” and spins and spins.

Do I have everything I need at this point or am I missing some piece of Roon hardware I don’t have?



Erik, in short, yes, you are missing the server component.

I’d start wth the Roon KB article about architecture: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Architecture

Thank you, I appreciate the succinct answer along with the architecture doc!

So from this, it seems that I cannot run Roon server on linux-arm8 yet?

I induce this since it’s missing from the Linux installations:




You right about this. Take a look at FAQ: What are the minimum requirements?.

Thanks so much gents, you’ve saved me a great deal of trouble and hair pulling. :slight_smile:

I look forward of learning that the core has been ported. :slight_smile: Until then I’m where I am. :slight_smile:

I believe that the Roon team has commented on this before, but given the processing requirements, I doubt that the port will ever be made. Most people who want the simplest DIY core setup buy a NUC and install Roon’s OS on it (ROCK), if they don’t have a suitable “PC” already available to use.

Makes sense. Perhaps the Pi 4 steps up though? :slight_smile:



Sorry, but no. It still doesn’t come close to meeting the requirements for a Roon Core. (Especially considering the CPU demands for some of the DSP Engine modes.) For the foreseeable future (meaning at least a couple years), Roon Core will be x64 only.

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate how quick and easy finding an answer to my question, starting from nothing was in these forums.

I’ve decided to cancel my trial and and keep what I have, and unsubscribe from this thread.

Best to you all,


Just FYI to everyone who helped, I dusted off a Linux AMD A10 based mini server I had forgotten about and it’s running fantastically well, even with DSP enabled, CPU usage < 2%.