Pi Bridge + DAC with volume control?

Hi -
I am currently using a DietPi bridge connected via USB to an iFi Nano iDSD, which in turn is connected to my office receiver.

This setup doesn’t allow me to control the volume from Roon. Can someone suggest a reasonably priced (hopefully < $100, definitely < $200) USB DACs that would allow this? I only have a couple DSD tracks, so it doesn’t have to support DSD.

The IFi wasn’t purchased for this, and would also like to free it up if I can find an alternative.



You should be able to just enable ‘DSP Volume’ for the zone, inside roon.

It is under Settings–>Audio, then device setup and you should see the options for volume control. Example screen capture is below.

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An easy (& well under $100) add to your Raspberry pi would be the HiFiBerry DAC

I had no idea. Thanks!

I will still look into this - would love to free up my micro

happy to help, keep us posted.