Pi Touchscreen as display for multiple zones

Would it be possible to configure multiple Roon Control Zone’s on my Ropiee Pi Touchscreen? It’s now possible to configure 1 zone to display. In the same audio-rack as the Ropiee Touchscreen with DAC I have an Atmos amplifier with integrated DAC on which I play 6-channel music using Roon. It would be nice to add a second (or even third?) zone which is then displayed? Maybe in order of configuration? The second configured plays only when the first one is stopped, the third only plays when both first and second are stopped and so on.

Yes. It would be nice to be able to switch endpoints to control and view now playing from the Ui and not have to go to the webpage to do it. You could do this with Squeezelite on PiCore Player which was really handy.

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It is on my list to make it possible to select the zone directly from the touchscreen.


Thanks Harry!

Thank you for looking into this Harry. Yes, selecting from the touchscreen would be a great step forward. But is the automatic function is not possible or too complicated, an API call to the Ropiee client would also be a nice feature. I control my entire Roon setup from my Domoticz home-automation, and have a certain control over Ropiee would also be nice. Besides setting the Roon Control Zone from an API I start dreaming about more API functions like dimming the clock in the evening, sending a jpg to the screen from my smart-doorbell :slight_smile:

Right now I’m in the middle of a rewrite of the RoPieee API, with the intention to open it up (at some point) to users. It seems a nice compromise for those that miss SSH but want some kind of control.



This would be great and help me increasing the Wife-Acceptance-Factor :slight_smile:

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when is the clock/play screen toggle coming Harry? especially handy when one has gone to bed and the music display is bright but you are not interested to see whats playing but a dim clock is just perfect :wink: @spockfish

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I was searching for exactly the same thing, so I was happy to see that it is on the list. Thank you @spockfish for the great work!

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If you need any betatesters for the API feature I’ll be glad to volunteer :slight_smile:

Is it possible withing the current API to add the on/off button for a zone if its supported?
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likewise for the sleep one?
Grab 2022-12-04 at 17.12.32