Pi with DAC hat/headphone output

HI Has any one used any of the DAC hats that have headphone amp in them, Looking for an affordable all in one unit for headphones that wont take up much space and potential to battery power it. Anybody listened to them cant seem to find much about this side of their features.

I use the IQAudio Pi-DAC+ which works perfectly fine with low impedance headphones* (and IMO sounds a little better with an IFi iPower if you have one spare) - I haven’t compared it to another HAT option though.

Edit: *By way of example, it’s not powerful enough to drive my higher impedance HD650s.

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That was on the list of choices along with the JustBoom DAC. Thanks

See also PecanPi -- Raspberry Pi DAC and Streamer

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PecanPi DAC will drive down to 16 ohm headphones.