Pi2aes connection to Raspberry Pi4

Hello all, just join this group. Total newbie with it comes to Ropieee. I intend to purchase the below to install Ropieee.

The plan is to config this box into a roon endpoint. Output from this Ropieee box via AES to a DAC AES in.

  1. Raspberry Pi 4

  2. Audio HAT - http://www.pi2design.com/pi2aes.html

  3. Raspberry Pi Touch Display

  4. How does the Pi4 connects to the pi2aes ?

  5. Do I to go to command prompt mode to config the above ? Hopefully it just select and enter.

Thanks for all you comments

The HAT is physically connected to the Pi.

RoPieee does not support command mode: you can configure the necessary stuff on it’s webpage. In this case you only need to select the HAT and you’re good to go.

Thanks for the input. How is the HAT connected to the Pi ? via usb ? via hdmi etc etc

Appreciate your comments

There’s a double row of pins sticking out of the top of the rPi. The hat has a mating set of sockets that slide onto the pins like a daughter card. It then becomes more or less one unit.

The touch display connects to a ribbon connector at the end of the rPi (which is hard to get to with the hat in place, so think through your assembly order). The second part of the touch screen is that it needs 5V. That is easy to get when there is no hat. Hopefully your hat has more pins sticking up that you can steal gnd and 5V from those pins. If you have questions, I’ll be glad to help, as I’ve been through the rPi, hat, and display thing.

EDIT: I just looked at the HAT you are considering and there are pins for 5V and GND on the hat so you should easily be able to steal power for the display when the hat is in place.

Pi2AES itself is powered at 24V, but it includes voltage regulators to provide 5V@3A to the Pi itself and accessories. Pi 2 Design sell a mounting case for the Pi, Pi2AES, and PiTouch with instructions that explain how to assemble and wire everything.

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thank you all for all the answer, i roughly 80% got it. the rest is up to me reading up the docs, hoping it will all work out

thanks guys…you folks are great :slight_smile: