PI2AES vs allo digione signature

Has anyone been able to compare the PI2AES against the allo digione signature?

My DAC is an Audio note 2.1x signature so will accept either AES or Coax, so I can go with either solution, I was just interested in which one gives the best sound quality.

Hi John,

Perhaps not much help, however, when I had an AN 2.1 Sig DAC I used an Audiophilleo 2 Mk2 into CoAxial and was not disappointed. Great warmth and a sound that I never tired of.

On the AN DAC, the two inputs will sound the same. It’s actually one input switched between the two connectors, with a couple of resistors (one per leg) on the XLR input to raise the impedance.

Thank you for the replies, I always thought that AES would sound better, so than you for the confirmation that they should sound the same.

This is a similar solution to what I have at the moment, I use a v-link. I wanted to mover away from USB as it is noisy. Cheers for the recommendation

Interesting. I guess every system is a little different. I am using USB on 2 of my 4 Pis. Absolutely no HEARABLE noise whatsoever. :slight_smile: I am very pleased with both Ropieee and HiFiBerryOS.

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