Pi3 Ropiee not seen on network

My Rpi3 can’t be seen on my network.
SkyQ Pi3b+ Hifi berry digi+pro.
Roon doesn’t find it Ropiee Local returns page not found
Can anyone help please

How is the Pi connected to the network? Have you had it working at all?

Hi Danny
Rp3 and NAS are all that are plugged into the SKYQ router the ethernet leds are all flashing the green led on the Pi is flashing at 1/2 Hz.
The Chromecast is connected via wifi and is working.

Have you done a port scan to determine the IP address? Fing is a mobile app that works well for this.

Thanks I will try

Yeah, for some reason ropieee.local doesn’t always work.
Doesn’t mean your network or Roon can’t find it.

Did you look in the Settings==>Audio to see if it’s there, waiting to be enabled?

Unfortunately it’s not there.
I also tried Hifiberry OS and the same thing happened

Try Fing on a smartphone to scan network and find Ropiee IP (or not).

Thanks I will give that a try

Fing seems to have found it.
I will test later and teport back
Thanks all

Hi all
Just checked and all seems well.
Thanks very very much.
I will report on sound quality soon