Pi3 with coax spdif or odroid c2 usb

I’ve heard the pi usb is bit dodgy for output to a dac. So does the coax boards available improve the sound?
I’ve als heard the odroid c2 usb is quite good.
opinions please

Odroid C2 works a treat, even grouping multiple USB DACs.

My Odroid C2 is being delivered today. I can’t say for certain the implementation of USB on Pi’s is inferior or the Kernels were just immature when this became the assumed wisdom but I went for the C2 as a platform with more potential ahead of it than history behind it. My reckoning was a one off payment for the C2 vs. a cheaper Pi with the potential expense of a HAT.

The C2’s USB implementation is good enough you can stream to 4 DACS simultaneously from a single device. Sure, it’s unlikely you’d want to do that everyday, but it’s a great way to to a little A/B or even DBT listening if you’d like to compare different DACs.

What are your thoughts on the C2 Henry ?

Which image do you use with the C2? Which kernel?

With Dietpi, Armbian, Ubuntu I was not happy. Using Antelope Zodiac Gold, Roonbridge cannot set the speed for USB.

I guess this is a kernel problem.

Paul, it is pretty solid, I have had zero performance issues in terms of pops and crackles up to the DOP limit of 2DSD. Initial install and subsequent updates are easy using SSH into DietPi. It has two zones running simultaneously for MQA comparisons and it does this flawlessly. And with the upgrade over its SD card option it is lightening fast.
Note my DACs limit is 2
DSD so I don’t need any more. But if I did I have a W10 device also.

Thanks Henry - I think C2 seems to be the way to go

i have 2 pi3s and an odroid c2
i use the pis for roon. The odroid is for Kodi
My main pi has a HAT to output coax to an audiolab DAC the other has iqaudio amp and dac HATs
The USB on he C2 and pis is not great for audio, I know people say bits are bits but believe me you will be able to tell, seems soft almost muted to me.
get yourself a digi output board or a full on DAC board.
For the pi iqaudio or audiophonics make the best. Odroid do a board as well, the hifi shield but that is a DAC not a digi out.

Completely standard the USB isn’t great on any SBC. But the issue for many is finding a way to preserve the capabilities of USB above and beyond DSD64. So there are mitigations you can try like seeing if an improved PSU helps, or using USB conditioners. And as we see elsewhere USB to SPDiF conversion can bring gains over USB while preserving USB capabilities. And it is of course DAC dependent, a very good USB implementation will negate the need for a lot of stuff.