Piano Quintet by Bartok not shown as one work

Tried it with WORK and MOVEMENT tags but that didn’t help.

Did you move the files into the Library which Roon uses in exactly the same order/way/sequence/grouping as they were downloaded or ripped in: Roon likes to see the same disposition of files as issued by the label?

Try Externally Editting Work & Part then force a Rescan may work

I removed and added the album and made sure to copy the track files in the order of the album. Didn’t make a difference. I also would expect the order not to matter because there are track numbers.

I tried it with WORK and MOVEMENT tags and later with WORK and PART tags, but it did not help. The weird thing is that when I do a rescan for a brief moment the work and parts are shown correctly. Then it quickly reverts to the layout as shown.

Which software are you using for tagging, @han?

Would you be prepared to share a screen grab here of your values for this download - especially the tags that might be relevant?

Curiously, that same album, via Qobuz, also does not group the composition. AllMusic.com lists the album, but without metadata.

My experience is that with correct WORK and PART tags, and rescanning in Roon if needed, one can get the right composition groupings, but I’ve not tried that composition (I’m a Bartók fan but I don’t have any recording of it, to be corrected later).

You could try metadata Prefer File at the Album edit level

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Have you selected “Prefer File” metadata in the Album Editor / Metadata Preference / Multi-Part Composition Grouping setting?

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See joel’s suggestion. That solved it. Thanks for your support.

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That did it. Thanks.

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Bartók is great isn’t he. Anyways it got solved. See joel’s answer.


Thanks Joel. That did it. I am surprised I overlooked this. What I did try is select the tracks of the composition and then use the editor at the top for the selected tracks. That doesn’t include a posibility to prefer the file metadata for composition grouping. Would be a nice addition maybe.


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