"Pick" sign in (classical) compositions

… think I already reported this (1+ years ago, I believe):

“pick sign” stopped showing, for “compositions”, somewhere around v 1.3.x

can we, please, have them back? :slight_smile:


  • “single tracks” (track 3 -> pick sign is there, left of track #):

  • compositions (tracks 2-4 -> nothing showing)


Hi @pl_svn,

I’ve passed your report along to the team so they can investigate.

In the meantime, I wanted to suggest some alternatives to picks that you can use. Favorites and Tags can allow you to similarly mark specific tracks for later use.

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Hi @pl_svn,

I wanted to let you know that, after some investigation into this, we’ve opened up a ticket with our development team regarding this. I can’t give any specific timeframes here, but we will be sure to keep you updated when we have more information.

Thanks for the report!

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thank you @dylan :slight_smile:

this is at least the third time, in two years (since they vanished) I report the issue:

“Piick signs” (as the one here below)…

… are not visible/displayed in “compositions”! they used to be 'till some Roon version a couple of years ago

look here: “Play Picks” is there but… no visible pick sign :roll_eyes:

can we PLEASE have them back? I understand it’s not a top level priority but… 'cmon: TWO YEARS (or thereabout)!!! :no_mouth:

or… just remove them from everywhere for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

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