PiCore Player downsampling con Roon rock

Good evening
i am using PiCore Player with Roon Rock.
I have a dac that reads up to 512, why does it downsample when I play DSDs above 64?
Matter of settings?
Where is it?
PiCore, because Roon with something else you have to be there plays me up to 512
Do you recommend a player who can overcome these problems

It could be settings, it could also be a limitation of the DAC with Linux. I would start with reviewing the DAC and Linux to see if it works natively or if you need drivers (usually Windows) to get native DSD playback.

Just as a side note, Squeezelite is not officially supported by Roon.

Ropiee is good?

You using picore as a squeezebox endpoint in Roon? If so it won’t be seen as being able to go higher than 192/24 or DoP64 as that’s the limit of squeezebox hardware. Roon only officially supports Squeezebox hardware not Squeezelite so will assume thats the max. Use another distro that uses Roon bridge such as Ropieee, Diet Pi, Volumio.

Brand and model of DAC?

IAN CANADA Dual Mono ES9038Q2M DAC HAT Raspberry Pi / I2S & SPDIF / PCM DSD