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While the idea of including photos of artists is nice though really non-essential, it often fails badly when the artist is a group. That’s because many groups change members often, especially jazz groups. By my count Bill Evans (the pianist) had at least 7 significant different trios during his career, but for every album in roon the photo is Bill, Eddie Gomez and Jack De Johnette (and I don’t think that one is even in the top three of the trios). The Charles Lloyd Quartet photo has Michel Petrucciani who appeared on a mere two Lloyd albums (and in a rather creepy photo) as opposed to, say, the quartet with Keith Jarrett (7 albums, including his real breakthrough releases). I know I can change the photo using Valence but the photo would still be wrong with the Lloyd-Jarret photo showing up for the five Lloyd-Bobo Stenson albums. I don’t think there is an easy solution to this other than simply eliminating the group photos but that seems to be doable only if the group name is deleted from being the primary artist and that’s not a particularly desirable thing either. Anyway, I have vented about this which has bothered me for some time and I thank you for the time you took to read this.

Hey @Stan_Jones,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. This is one of those things that is very hard to find a middle ground on that everyone will be happy with. One of the things that we hope that Art Director can help with is to allow our customers like you, who care deeply about these things, to submit photos that serve as a strong, generally representative, image of the performer or ensemble.

We’re not going to be able to do away with ensemble names or ensemble images as an alternative. That would cause more issues over the long run. We’re hopeful that you will give Art Director a chance and submit a few photos that earn your seal of approval.

It sounds like you have an eye for the photographic elements that make for strong images. We’d love for you to lend that artistic eye to this effort, we may all benefit from it.

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