Pictures in discover view problem

i post 2 screenshots: the first one is the a “discover page”

the second is the picture of bach in the composer page

as i think you can see, the picture in the discover view is of much lower quality.
i’ve noticed this behavior in general, i think there’s some kind of problem here…

i think the problem is that the picture is cropped and resized in just one size for the discover view, and then it’s visualized in some “boxes” (or whatever you call them) bigger. this double resize creates the trouble.



so? nobody with this problem?

I see similar, just never found it to be a problem.

well…i think definitively that this is a bug.
the quality of the pictures (in these examples) is good … i mean, good screen resolution on big screen. only in the discover view it is lost (i should say destroyed)
after this smart manipulations to produce a collage of different pictures, the result is far from an “album like experience”.

so, no feedback?

Hello @Niccolo_Terzi,

We’re aware of some artist and album photo resolution issues that have been appearing for users lately. I don’t have a timeline for a fix yet, but the metadata team is actively working on a solution.


hi @john
it’s not a metadata issue: the (roon) artist picture is ok. but, when it’s displayed (cropped and resized) in the “discover” view, it appears with very very poor quality/definition.
same happens with custom pictures i’ve added to artists with no picture.
so, it’s not definitely a images problem, but a problem of manipulation/visualization by roon program.

Hello @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thanks for the info! I’m filling a separate ticket for this issue. Can you provide us information on what operating system you are using as well as what your screen resolution is and if you are using any DPI scaling?

By the way, the tech team is looking at your files you provided for us previously, you should be receiving a PM from them in the near future!


Windows 7, screen fullhd (1920x1080).
about last question: it’s the first time ever i hear about dpi scaling (i’m quite expert, though…)
so, just looking in control panel, under “custom dpi settings” i read 100%. i’ve never changed this, anyways.

my only other device is an android mobile, but images come out so small, that i cannot notice problems.

i add a correction to previous post: roon images are not always ok, but you are aware of that.
the problem arises (and it’s evident) also in those cases where roon db image is ok: in my examples, see mozart and monteverdi: full scale image very good, resized/cropped image in “discover view” very bad.

@john @support
any news about this problem?
i still see awful discover view page, even though pictures are ok:




but the examples are thousands…