Pierre Henry 12CD Boxed Set

Why does Roon break this 12CD boxed set into 6 unique albums that are all recognized by Roon?

I’ve verified all of the metadata and folder structuring is correct. So frustrating.


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Hi @aronson,

Can you share a screenshot of the folder structure in Finder / File Explorer?

You can manually fix this by using Merge, but I’d like to understand what might have happened here and a screenshot of folder structure will definitely help.


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Sure! Does this suffice?

The folder structure is looking okay. There is a typo in track 2, but that is unlikely to be the culprit. Can you show a screenshot of the tags for 2 of these CDs?

Typical Roon mishandling of box sets. For the Pierre Henry Album, it is a 12CD set collection of tracks per CD. OK, let’s get started.

I suggest and this works:

Rename the files with the disc number at the front, since there are more than 9 discs, use the leading zero. Remove the periods since some software can’t read…

01-001 Chroniques terriennes Moment 1.flac
01-002 Chroniques terriennes Moment 2.flac
01-003 Chroniques terriennes Moment 3.flac
01-004 Chroniques terriennes Moment 4.flac
01-005 Chroniques terriennes Moment 5
01-006 Chroniques terriennes Moment 6
01-007 Chroniques terriennes Moment 7
01-008 Chroniques terriennes Moment 8
01-009 Chroniques terriennes Moment 9
01-010 Chroniques terriennes Moment 10
01-011 Chroniques terriennes Moment 11
01-012 Chroniques terriennes Moment 12
02-013 Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No- 1, Etude au glissando
02 014- Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No 2, Etude au chevalet
02-015 Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No 3, Etude aux pleurages
02-016 Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No- 4, Etude a l’accordage
02 -017 Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No 5, Etude au tremolo
02-018 Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No 6, Etude jazzee
02-019 Grande toccata (Remix 2016)
02-020 Gymkhana (Remix 2016)
03 021 Pleins jeux 1 Croissance (Remix 2016)

You can have all the tracks in a number from 001-138 or as you have in CD already which will start:

01-01 Chroniques terriennes Moment 1.flac
01-12 Chroniques terriennes Moment 12.flac
02-01 Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No- 1, Etude au glissando.flac
02-20 Gymkhana (Remix 2016).flac
03-01 Pleins jeux 1 Croissance (Remix 2016).flac

Move all the tracks from CD1, cd2, cd3…into the one root folder, so:

01-01 Chroniques terriennes Moment 1.flac
02-01 Etudes transcendantes pour un piano imaginaire No- 1, Etude au glissando
03-01 Pleins jeux 1 Croissance (Remix 2016)

This will create empty folders CD1, CD2 CD3, delete these.

Copy all the box cover artwork into the root of 2017-Polyphonies folder. You can see all the artwork in roon when all the pictures are in the root of the folder. If there duplicates, rename them say disc01, disc02.jpg.

For the cover art pick the smallest jpg/png <100k call it folder.jpg and have the one cover art for all the tracks.

In the metadata tag editor, rename the albums 1/12, 2/12, 3/12 until 12/12 and group the files that originally belong into the 1st CD together as 1/12, 2nd CD 2/12 and so on.

When Roon Opens, you will find the single cover art for the album, and inside, the discs are labelled disc 1, disc 2 with clickable links to each one. You can play the whole 138 tracks in one session.

For windows to rename heaps of files, I use Bulk Rename Here, here are 7 apps for the MAC which would speed up the process.

As you can see it’s a bit of work, which if Roon could work out in the first place would save a lot of time and my biggest gripe with Roon. Screenshots from Windows, with the end result in Roon what it looks like. This example is 3CD with 24 photos. since there are only 3CD, can number discs 1-, 2-, 3-, but Polyphonies needs the leading zero 01, 02 etc. Otherwise you end up with:
1-, 11-, 12- ,2- which is out of sequence.

@aronson Your structure on disk and tagging actually looks pretty good. I would not advocate what has been recommended by One_and_a_Half.

Can you try something simpler first? I think that the problem may be that you don’t have any ALBUMARTIST tags on your tracks. If you add Pierre Henry as an ALBUMARTIST on all tracks (and rescan if necessary), does this solve the problem?

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Can’t see on the picture but is the Album tag the same in each case for each CD? If not this will cause that behaviour

PS I agree with @joel, don’t Rename the files, it will create more mess

Try this first

Remove the Set from the watched folders

Get an external tag editor like MP3Tag (free) and make sure

All CD have a correct disc no
All Cd have same Album name
All subfolders are simply CD01 … CD12 , no additional text

Go Settings library, clean up library

Now reimport to watched folder , should go now

When did the behaviour of box sets change? In the ‘past’ split CDs under the one title, ended up as multiple albums of the same name.

In the Pierre Henry album, yes if the Album Artist is set to Pierre Henry, there appears only one Polyphonies in the Album view. I only processed three albums and ended up with disc 1, 2, 3 as per the 3CD various artists picture above.

I placed a single jpg in the root of the folder of Polyphonies, and it does not appear in the list of pictures. Where does the box set cover art end up so it can be found by Roon?

The next job is to catalogue the Beatles Mono CDs, which each CD will have its own title and artwork. Will let you know of the results.

Thanks for continuing to chase this, @joel!

ALBUMARTIST is set to “Pierre Henry”. Here’s a more complete list of all the tags.

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Hi @aronson,

Your tags look correct, so it looks like this might be a bit more complex than we thought. I’d like to have our QA team investigate this a bit further — Would you mind zipping up the files and sending them our way? You can upload them here: https://workdrive.zohoexternal.com/external/5dHjIc9foRZ-LVTzf