Pink faun i2s bridge and gustard x20pro

Hi, I’m currently using a trial account for roon and love it. Am thinking of signing on the lifetime membership. I use a PC (running windows 7) to store all my music and was thinking if roon is compatible with the pink faun i2s bridge that connects to a gustard x20pro (which has an i2s input). Does anyone run this set up? Or know if it works? Need to know if it’s compatible before I sink in more money. Thanks for the help!

If it’s working today, it should definently still be working tomorrow? :slight_smile:
For Roons part the Pink Faun thingy needs it’s dedicated drivers i suppose, but if they show up in Roon trial, all is well.

Hi Mikael, thanks for your reply! Sorry I think I didn’t explain my post clearly. My current set up is a Roon trial on my PC, with a USB from PC to an integrated amp.

I was wondering if Roon (trial or not) will work with a pink faun i2s bridge from my windows 7 pc into a DAC with i2s input over HDMI (of which the dac and bridge i have yet to buy). Sorry for the confusion hope this is clearer! :slight_smile:

:smiley: Sorry, misunderstood!
If you still plan on using your Win 7 PC as an endpoint it should not be a problem as long as suitable drivers are available.
If however, you decide to move to an endpoint such as a Mac or ar a Linux based appliance the Pink Faun needs to be “driverless” with those units.

As always though, it is impossible to make any definitive statments even if the odds are looking very good in your favor! :slight_smile:

Aha, i just had a look at the Pink Faun i2S bridge! It seems as you wont be moving it onto a Raspberry Pi anytime soon! :wink:
As i said, the odds are it will work just fine as long as the drivers for the Pink Faun allows it to be visible as a soundcard in windows (or have an ASIO driver).

This is a special case however, and i’d suggest you hold out for positive confirms.

I have a good feeling about my odds too, it feels like they should work, but wanted some confirmation before moving on with my plans. Hope to get a few more confirmations in the meantime. Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Currently I’m using there I2S bridge over HDMI to a Pink Faun DAC, works perfectly with Roon. They use an ALSA driver for that. But just post a message to Pink Faun directly, they will give you good advise (Email: