Pink Floyd in Qobuz vs MQA and non-MQA Tidal versions

As I continue to evaluate whether to subscribe to Qobuz ON TOP of the already subscribed Tidal, I would like to have your views on the SQ of Pink Floyd albums offered by Qobuz.

The problem is that I don’t have access to MQA versions of the same albums on Tidal, since my account is US-based.

Could any fellow PF fans tell me what they think about SQ differences between Qobuz hires and Tidal’s MQA and non-MQA versions?

All PF albums on TIDAL are MQA on my end. I’ve been trialling Qobuz for the last month and for the life of me cannot tell a difference in SQ from TIDAL. There may very well be one but it’s so small I am unable to hear it. Decided to stick with TIDAL as they have a better app, connect function and discovery is so much better than Qobuz.

Having said this, you have just opened another can of MQA worms and I’ll get the popcorn ready :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: If there is anything you’d want me to check for you, DM me. Happy to help.


Tks, Raz - I am well aware of the MQA debate, and always love to get the popcorn ready for such discussions as well. :smiley:

But since my Tidal account does NOT offer the MQA versions of PF, my question here becomes even simpler: do hires Qobuz versions sound better/much better than the non-MQA versions of PF on Tidal?

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Not to my ears :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mind you, I mean the NON-MQA versions compared to Qobuz’s hires…

All PF albums are MQA. Can’t see any non-MQA.

I think Tidal replaced all lossless album with MQA once they have MQA version available.

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Qobuz and Tidal non mqa versions they all sound the same.

Now for the MQA vs non-mqa.

The difference is not that substantial.

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