Pink Floyd Tidal resolution not displaying correctly

So I have the latest Roon update and Pink Floyd is finally hi-Rez in the States which is just awesome. I obviously use Tidal and all the Floyd albums read MQA in Tidal app. When I run Floyd through Roon to my Hegel H390 the Hegel indicates MQA. For some reason Roon still reads no Hi-Rez/MQA. Anyone else seeing this? I can just ignore it but baffled.

I believe there are at least 2 other posts just like yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s comforting I’m not alone I suppose. Thanks for responding

@John_english We need to re-analyze the audio files as TIDAL has re-used the same album and track ids. If you play the albums, you should be able to check the actual format in the Roon Signal Path.

Yes, my Hegel does read MQA. This is more nit picking. Thanks for your response, I know you guys got this. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have a problem.

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Did Qobuz do the same? The problem is there too.

Just got round to playing the “disguised” hires version of DSOTM on Qobuz. I was really enjoying it when I heard a couple of very strange track-to-track transitions - from ‘Time’ to ‘The Great Gig…’ there was pause which I was not expecting, and then from ‘Money’ to ‘Us and Them’ the final few seconds of the first of these tracks were repeated at the beginning of the second. Very strange and very distracting after having heard the album run smoothly from start to finish for the past 40 years or so.

On further investigation it seems that these strange joins coincide with the change of track resolution from 96/24 to 192/24 of vice-versa - the Qobuz copy I was playing seemed to have a mixture of both resolutions with some tracks showing up as being in the lower one and some in the higher.

Coupled with the fact that it actually shows as being 44.1/16 in the Roon library, it all seems a little substandard for what is probably one of the albums most deserving of a good high res version. Obviously there is an all-192 version somewhere that could be put up.

Anybody else come across this issue?

I hope the 44/16 versions will still be available in Roon… Right now, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Just checked and you’re right.

On Tidal however, they’re all the same resolution - 24/96

Hey Gang,

I wanted to send an update on the resolution displays for any of you who are still seeing this mismatch. This issue is the result of a lagged metadata push to your individual Core.

We’ve made a few changes on the backend to address this but we’ve seen a few cases where some user’s libraries are a bit more delayed in seeing the updated file quality displays (I was one of them for a few days, then my Core received the push)

If you take no action the metadata for the album will eventually update to reflect the actual streaming quality.

If the metadata display/actual streaming quality display mismatch is an annoyance you can

  • Reboot you core and see if that triggers the metadata update
  • If not, you can remove the albums from your library, reboot your core, and then re-add them to your library.

Once they’re removed from your library, then added again the metadata should reflect the updated streaming quality.

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