Pinned: Considered Feature requests

Hi Team Roon.

We are certainly blasting your with Feature requests and me too comments. In order to quell some of this behavior I recommend that you post a pinned list of feature request that you find appealing and the requests you find that there is some consensus to support (aka “Really you want that?”).

Keep it loose. Where the title may say “Considered Requests”, caveat it with “It may never happen.” We’ll do the best to not pin you down. :smiley:

Also it will help serve as a gauge to what you may be interested in. I know you must really dislike a bunch of the requests and really cannot tell us to go away. This is an opportunity to find a mutual support for features, even though their is some resistance on both sides.




Four levels for new features:

  1. Supported - In the latest build of Roon.
  2. Considered - A member of Roon has mentioned that they want to support this.
  3. Potential - A member of Roon has shown interest but nothing substantial.
  4. Not Supported - Limitations in supporting a feature outside the control of Roon or not part of Roon’s design concept.

Feature Request List:

Please link the posts where you feel that the thread meets the above critera. It will be added it to the list.


Updates made on June 29 2015.

Updates made on July 13 2015.

-User Rating
-Song Ratings
-Redesign of the now playing screen

waiting for the next significant update before moving forward with this list.