Pioneer XDP-300R and external DAC ( CHORD MOJO )

Hi, I’m trying to use the chord mojo with the pioneer xdp-300r, I managed to use it with the standard app that comes with the Pioneer but for some reason all the other apps ( Tidal, Spotify etc ) don’t output to the DAC. Does anyone know how can I do this? Would appreciate it.

I can’t speak directly to how the xdp-300r works, but in general, even when using an external dac, all audio is processed thru Android’s audio stack. This results in everything being up or down coverted to 48bit. I am not an expert, but this is my basic understanding. I would have to assume that when using Pioneer’s built-in app it would override the android audio stack. Anyway, the reason I mention all this is because there is an Android app called “USB Audio Player Pro” that also bypasses the Android audio stack and talks directly to external DACs connected via OTG. It also has hooks that allow you to play music from Qobuz, Tidal, and more. As the underlying audio hardware in Android phones has gotten better the app has also added the ability to talk directly to the internal DAC on the phone which also bypasses the Android stack. Pretty cool stuff. No affiliation, just a happy user.

It would be sweet if Roon did something similar with their app so when using Android as an endpoint it could bypass the Android audio stuff and talk directly to the phone or, if connected, USB (OTG) DAC.


Thanks a lot for your help Kenneth, I have tried the app and it works, it’s not Ideal but it will have to do.


Thank you, just one more question, does anyone know how can I use an external DAC connected to the Pioneer with a third party app ( Tidal, Roon etc ) it only works with the standard music app, all the others output to the internal dac.

You can get them to use the high res internal DAC if you add in a driver such as from UAPP but I don’t think you can get a high res path out.