Pixel 6 Pro - Anyone having trouble connecting to core?

My new Pixel 6 Pro is not finding my core. Roon/network works fine otherwise. Anyone having similar trouble?

Have you tried this and entering your IP address

My Pixel 6 Pro connects fine but I have seen glitches displaying text in Roon Remote, have opened a Support thread for that.

I did this and it did connect. However, I have had to do it twice now to get it to reconnect. I disabled the Google Fi VPN and then had no trouble. @support - never observed this behavior with the Fi VPN before Android 12 and the Pixel 6 - wondering if there is a reasonably quick fix?

Well I have never had good experiences with either VPN or Google One VPN. I think the Google Fi VPN is the same as the Google One VPN

I avoid those now while using Roon and all is good
They interfere with traffic flow and things like multicast based on my previous experience testing them, so just don’t run them now at home.

@Michael_Harris is correct here, VPNs can interfere with traffic reaching the proper destination, it is not suggested to use a VPN with Roon. Some VPNs have “split tunneling” which allows apps to be excluded, if your VPN has such a setting, you can try to add Roon to it.

Thanks. Unfortunately, Google in their wisdom does not enable permanent deactivation of the FI VPN, so it will always turn itself back on after being disabled. However … earlier versions of Android (on my old Pixel 4 for instance) did NOT have this issue, so I think it must be something in the new release messing with Roon settings. Extremely frustrating to have a $900 slab of metal as a new Roon remote. Almost too much trouble to disable the VPN every time I use it. If this didn’t happen before, I’d respectfully suggest there is some room on Roon’s part to figure out why the new behavior?

You’re not having FI VPN issues on your home network?

No network issues. Everything plays fine. This is purely a UI display issue.

My Pixel 4 connects in on Android 12 but its crashing a lot and no longer stays active a lot of the time even with the lockscreen active.