Pixel2 will not find roon core

Hi @Jim_Fuerstenberg ,

The Help button appears after clicking on “Select a different Core”, can you please verify if you are able to manually connect with this method? Thanks!

under Roon Core, settings, general… the IP is not shown under or near the name of the Core. On that page, the Roon Core block only shows the name under which I am signed in and view account info. Under Setup, the only IP shown is the subnet for Linn streaming. I tried using that with no luck. I do not see another IP address listed in any other section of settings. I was able to get to the section to manually input an IP…but have no IP to input.

Your first post said that you are running the Roon Core on a Windows 8.1 machine. The address you need is the IP address of that Windows 8.1 machine. Windows 8.1 should tell you what that is.

I went into my router settings. I tried the IP of the LAN and the IP of the Internet. (my AX50 router shows both) Neither worked. the roon app could still not find my roon core

Hi @Jim_Fuerstenberg

What is the IP address of the Core that you found?

For Windows, you can use these instructions to find the IP address:

Find your IP address.

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That worked…I found the IP using the link you posted and my Pixel2 connected to the Core. Here’s hoping it stays connected and thank you very much!

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