Pixelated image on computer screen of room remote

I have a nucleus plus and am using a mac computer as a roon remote. many times the text is pixilated on the screen - you cannot read it. This happened when I used the mac computer as the core prior to getting the nucleus as well. HELP @support


This is a symptom of the remote running so low on graphics available memory that the text can not be rendered fully.

What’s the spec of the Mac that you are running Roon Remote on?

Have you tried, shutting down other applications that may be running, also try a reboot.

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a good app for checking out what your mac is, is called MacTracker or you can see what it is in About this Mac in the apple menu

a screen grab with the command shift 4 key combo should drop a file on your desktop…use the crosshairs to cut out the details to grab…dont go down so far as to reveal the serial number :smiley:


Hi @MARK_goldman ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The feedback is appreciated!

Moving forward, I wanted to touch base with you in regard to the above. Having the specs of the Mac computer that is having the issue will be a good place to start in trying to diagnose the problem here. Additionally, do you notice any of these graphical issues outside of Roon?