Placing play-mode options more present

In my view basic play-mode options like shuffle and repeat are not intuitivley to find. E.g., if I want to listen to an album in the basic order and it starts with track No. 5 in a random mode, it takes some time to remember that I previously listened to a playlist in shuffle mode.

Tapping at the bottom bar on the track name and then with the Now Playing tab clicking on the shuffle icon seems to be not very intuitivley. Would it be possible to integrate these playing options for shuffle and repeat into the main playing view next to the play, pause and skip buttons?

If the logo is activated in color, I see it right at the start of playback and can thus deactivate the respective option immediately, if not desired.

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And an even simpler request:
more color contrast for the shuffle-repeat indicators. The grey and greyed blue are indistinguishable for me. I have to either zoom my screen, or keep bumping the repeat indicator until it gets to repeat-one (different silhouette), and then work forward from that known state.

Baffled at these color choices.