Placing power down/reboot button on Roon remotes for ROCK

At the moment, to power down ROCK I need to access the web based IP address. Would it be possible to incorporate this function into the Roon remotes?

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Agreed, but for any core, running on any platform. Since the body has to be opened anyway add restart capability also.

So how do you restart something that is switched off? So really you need Standby/Restart and Off options?

Dunno. Talking about a software restart, not a hardware restart. Plenty of programs do it.

Define what “really” means. As they say in the business, “It’s a nice to have, not a need to have.”. Sometimes, for what ever reason, Roon core malfunctions and can easily be fixed by a drop and restart. If one’s core machine is in an out of the way place, it’s a minor semi-hassle.

Not implying that developers should drop everything to accomplish this request, just piggybacking onto prior post.:sunglasses:

The OP was asking for a hardware switch off, which is what I replied to. Whilst a Restart would be useful, if the Core malfunctions it couldn’t be trusted to respond to anything but the Off switch. Mine is in the garage so full remote control is very desirable but do not need an ‘Off’ on the Remote screen.

My NUC works as expected. I hit the power button it shuts down gracefully :slight_smile:

The OP is asking to power down ROCK, which is the OS not whatever hardware it’s running on. I interpret his request to mean software power down, however incorrectly phrased.

You replied to my post which was about software. Updating software is “opening the body”, as in surgery.

But really splitting hairs, here.:tired_face:

If I understand correctly the restart/power down button via the IP web interface talk directly to RoonOS, while Roon remotes talks directly to Roon playback software.

If RoonOS and Roon playback software exist as one entity, then it may be easy to implement via Roon remotes. In the case of Auralic Aries Mini, I can power down via its Lightning DS software.

In the case of ROCK, I"m not sure there is a difference. Glad to see that, in fact, you were referring to software not the box that ROCK is running in. In that, shutting down the OS does not necessarily mean shutting down the hardware, although in the case of a ROCK machine, I don’t know why you wouldn’t also want the box turned off.

Thanks for the clarification.

My additional request still holds, that a restart of the ROON core, be it ROCK or the ROON core program, be available from the ROON remotes.