Plan for Roon Application when Apple cuts OpenGL?

Apple is pushing Metal and is planning to cut OpenGL after macOS 10.14 Mojave. I assume this will affect iOS as well. What is the plan for Roon Remote on iPad when iOS no longer supports OpenGL? One of the main reasons I have Roon is for the outstanding Roon Remote on my iDevices. I have no intentions of going with Android.

“The problem with Metal is very similar to the problem with DirectX: it’s not cross-platform.”

Some game developers are pushing back but Apple has a mind of its own. Is Roon Labs keeping an eye on this and is there a plan for Roon Remote on iOS when OpenGL is no longer available on these devices?

I recently purchased an iPad Pro just for Roon so would be peeved to say the least if it becomes a doorstop.

See this comment from Brian:


The Roon Remote looks and acts exactly the same on Android as on iOS – I have both.

Thanks Geoff for posting Brian’s comments here. Sorry I missed it earlier.

Thanks Bill, but I don’t want both :wink:

Fair one, you have your own reasons for not wanting Android, but this is the exact reason I ditched Apple; I hated their arrogance and propensity to change things seemingly just to benefit them and their income, not their customers.


I dislike the worsening fragmentation which is Android and prefer Apple’s cohesive ecosystem. Not wanting to participate in a religious war, lets just say to each his own, Peter.

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Maybe Roon will move away from Mono to a stack like React, MobX and Electron and then the religious wars are irrelevant?

I think we can safely assume that Roon will not drop supporting i-Devices. It would not go very well with a lot of the (especially the pricier) Roon ready brands.

@anon73739233: From a brief glimpse at the Xamarin docs it seems Metal’s already in there so as for speculating about moving away from the current stack: it may not be necessary.

You’re kidding, right?

I want Angular instead of React. Let the religious wars begin :slight_smile:


Kidding about the religious wars being irrelevant? Yeah. Should know better than that.


What’s going to happen to the Mac app if Roons backbone for the UI is OpenGL are they not ditching OpenGL support, does that mean you would have to change the underlying UI code?

I’m not a Mac user myself but interested as this will have to be developed differently going forward.

See this comment from Brian:

While cross platform is great, it’s actually a quite bad experience as it’s not native on any platform.

I’m using macOS & iOS and none of the system-wide shortcuts work (e.g. the swiping actions for back on ios).
It also looks foreign to all platforms - interactions are optimised for none… i’m sure you know all this.

While I (obviously :slight_smile:) don’t dislike Roon and subscribed to it - as I enjoy the general “idea” - i still don’t think it’s a “nice” experience. It’s awesome but to me UI & UX-wise borderline usable. Going native on the UI would go a long way making users feel more at home.

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