Planning New Hardware

Hi Everyone,

I’m going to be building my first Raspberry Pi setup with BeoCrete 4 Channel Amp/DAC. My goal for this is to have one Roon endpoint that I can a.) drive passive speakers from and b.) connect a AudioQuest Dragonfly to in order to drive headphones. My question is: from Roon, when I select the Pi as the endpoint, will it pass audio through the BeoCrete if speakers are connected, and through the Pi’s USB to DragonFly if that’s connected? Essentially, if I disconnect either the headphones or speakers each time depending on how I want to listen - is the Pi “smart enough” to only pass audio through USB or DAC/AMP or is my thinking off base in this?

Both will appear as separate zones in Roon, so they can be independently controlled.

Prefect - that sounds like it’ll accomplish exactly what I’m looking for.