Plans for Queue screen?

So I finally got a tablet to use as a remote for Roon. Does anyone feel the Now Playing screen needs a bit of a redesign? I feel like the album art is way too small, the queue box takes up too much space, dth waveform is repated at the top and bottom of the screen, and the radio on/off option box is visible all the time taking up space for no reason. With all the available real estate I am sure something cool can be designed? Any plans to improve the Now Playing screen?

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I’ve changed the title of the thread because you are describing the Queue screen. People sometimes refer to the Screensaver screen accessed by the square brackets icon to the lower right of the picture on the Queue screen as Now Playing.

One reason the Queue takes up a reasonable amount of space is so we can drag tracks around and re-order them with the triple line drag point.

Ok got it. Thankful for the correction. Even with the ability to drag tracks around and re-order the amount of space taken up by the Queue seems like overkill. That Radio off box should not be shown all the time either. Anyway, I hope the devs rethink that page.

Tend to agree about Radio.
For me it’s Off permanently, so superfluous. I’m sure others like the feature and use it differently.
But to the extent of it being a permanently displayed object like this?.

I’d certainly like to see a Stop/Clear All button here.
But I’ve been requesting that for over a year so I guess it’s been voted out :wink:

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+1 for both! :slight_smile:

Also, why cant there be a button to directly access the screen saver/now playing screen? Why do I have to press go into the Queue screen then press the square bracket icon? Seems like a wasted step.

Here is an idea…instead of having the Queue screen be laid out horizontally, why not have a blend of vertical and horizontal orientation (like a mosaic) to make the most efficient use of the space? The Discover page is a little like this. This way you can make the space taken up by a particular modal the appropriate size.

During my first roon sessions I found radio a bit confusing. But very soon I started to really appreciate it. Given an appropriate starting point it is pretty on the mark. It’s amazing what happens after the selected track/album/whatever is finished. So I believe it is a keeper, especially for music discovery in a large library…

Fair enough…so why cant Radio just be a little icon instead on the lower part of the Queue screen? There is a lot of space down there. Surely there is no reason for such as big box taking up all that space?

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The space is used to show the album/song next selected by Radio and allow the user to accept it (thumbs up) and add to the Queue, or reject it (thumbs down) and move to the next selection.

There are definitely plans to improve this screen. We have some early designs floating around but nothing to concrete to share yet. The number one priority of the new design is to make better use of space.

Great to hear!

I’ve got this 2500x1600 resolution tablet to control Roon and there is just so much empty space and things that are not sized appropriately which causes a visual imbalance.

Anyway, looking forward to continued development.