Play actions for the queue

When I select a track, it is added to the queue, I like it like that!
If however the queue is empty, how can I make Roon start playing the queue directly?

I am having a problem understanding the question. You note that if you add a track to the queue it plays. I’m good until here.

If the queue is empty, how do I play the queue?

Here I am confused, if the queue is empty, what should it be playing?

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In the drop down list there is an option called play now.
If that is what you are asking , as below.


What I mean is if I add a track to an empty queue, I want it to start playing that track immediately. I should not need to have to manually activate the queue.

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I don’t think that is how it works, hence the reason it’s called a playlist queue.

If you just want to play that track you would just hit play but once added to a new playlist it’s going to wait until you tell it to start playing the playlist regardless if there is just 1 or 1001 tracks in it.

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That’s what Play Now and the various options are for, to give flexibility in queue management
You can move these around so they have priority, but Add to Queue adds to Queue and Play Now starts it right away

Thanks for the replies.


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