Play album skips first track

I’m fairly new to Roon but have invested some effort in setting up both my old mp3 collection and a new FLAC collection - as separte folders form different NASs.

I have a FLAc set of Mahler’s symphonies and ‘Play Album’ goes to track 02 of S1 - missing track 01 - even though they appear to be correctly numbered.

Any offers on how to fix?


The track that won’t play isn’t marked as corrupt, is it? Does it play using some other playback software?

Does Roon put up any message when it skips the track?


Is this a set if individual FLAC files (1 file per track) or just one FLAC file and a CUE file? Roon does not support the later, the single file needs splitting.

Assuming the former, how is each track named and have you checked the imbedded metadata tags are correct.

What happens if you attempt to just play track 1?

Can you post a screen of how Roon is displaying the tracks for this album?

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Thanks for the feedback:

The tracks appear OK, and track 01 plavs fine in VLC. Roon appears to display the files as expected: