Play all tracks in sequence


I found I can only click on “shuffle” in the “Tracks” page
Is there a way to play all tracks in sequence?

Thank you!

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I don’t know.
But Roon’s thinking is that when the sequence is inherently random, there is no sense in playing them in sequence.
True for albums, genres, artists…

Do you want to play the tracks in alphabetical order?

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I think if you Select All and hit Play in the Selection header three dot menu then they will play in sequence.


I’d like to play the tracks with several orders: in alphabetical order or Artist / Track title / … and so on.

That is a good idea!
Thank you very much!

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I would like to play recently added tracks. Irrespective of albums they are in. How do I do that?

It’s not the prettiest interface, but go into the track browser and make sure the"date added" tab is enabled. Select it and the tracks will support by date added. Then select what you want to play.

You could also do something with “focus” by clicking on the “added” graph and giving it a range of dates.

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I like to also play the focus tracks for the last month in alphabetical order. Is that possible? It seems the only option when you do focus is shuffle. Am I missing something?

If you Focus, the button just shows Shuffle.
But if after the Focus you Select some albums, maybe all the albums, you get another blue play button up top that applies to the selection, and that one allows Play.

Yes, that works. Thanks!