Play and Play from Here Don’t Work As They Should

My core is on an iMac. Both have most recent upgrades. When I press Play, Play Now or Play From Here, I expect tracks to play in the listed order. Press Shuffle and it should do so. On the Core it works as expected. However, on the iPad remote, all of the Play functions listed above shuffle instead! This has not always been the case but I cannot tell you if it’s associated with recent upgrades.

Hi Bruce,

If you go into the Queue, is the Shuffle icon blue. Try clicking it and see if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi @Bruce_Orr,

As Greg suggested, definitely check the queue screen and verify that the Shuffle option is set to off. Once this is off things should play in the standard order.

The shuffle icon is Not blue. I should have said that initially. Thx for teaching out.

Are you sure everything is up to date?

The version numbers are a bit of a mess right now but current Mac version is 475, and current iOS is 438.

Core is 1.6 (version 475$
IPad is 1.6 (version 438)
Bridge is version 1.0 (build 169)

So I think I’m up to date.

Re: shuffle icon - even when shuffle has been activated and working it does not light up blue.

Hi @Bruce_Orr,

Can you share a screenshot of an album and then a screenshot of the queue screen once you start playback?

Album Track List

Queue List After Album Play Activated

Hope this helps.

Hi @Bruce_Orr,

Based on the screenshot it looks like shuffle is enabled (it’s colored blue). If you click the shuffle icon it should become white and then it you’ll be able to play things like normal.

My apologies to Greg and you, Dylan! I was not initially able initially to see the screen shot Greg sent showing the blue shuffle icon on the Queue view to which he was referring. I didn’t know that was there, and was instead looking at the shuffle icon button that is at the bottom of the album page. It was white, which I thought meant it was inactive. After turning the blue Queue page shuffle icon off (white), things seem to be good with the exception of the Track page. Here the only way to play songs in order seems to be a clumsy process by which I need to choose a section of tracks (by graying out certain tracks listed consecutively) and hit Play. Is that right?

Suggestions: 1) When using shuffle, the icon should always be blue wherever it is shown - the Queue, Album or any other page views it is on. Currently it is blue on the Queue page, and White on Album View which is why I thought shuffle was not activated. 2) Seems like Track view should have a Play button (to play in sequence) that works with or without selecting a section of songs; or a Play From Here button would also solve the problem on Tracks.

Thanks for the help, you both solved the problem immediately. I was just looking the wrong way.

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