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Hi guys,
I need your help on a trivial problem but I can not solve it :frowning:
I’m using from a few days the trial version of roon and until now I had no problem playing music files purchased on the network, every time I download a file on my Mac, automatically the message asks me, if I want to play the song with Roon and I confirm.

This morning I bought three different file of music that I regularly downloaded without problem,
the first was inserted in the library of roon and played without any problem, but the other two songs are not played by roon (no window opened as usual) to ask if I want to play with roon, I went directly into the file of my folder download and with the right mouse button I select “open with roon” but unfortunately this does not happen, roon is open but only the first song is played, I have the feeling that roon sees the three files with an identical file and therefore does not copy in the bookshop.
I hope I have explained my problem well, thanks to anyone who can help me


Hi @Vincenzo_Caruso ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us!

Moving forward, can you please confirm that the mentioned content that is not playing in Roon can be played outside of the application via a different media player without issue?

Additionally, may I kindly ask you to clarify the following point for us:

“I have the feeling that roon sees the three files with an identical file and therefore does not copy in the bookshop.”


hi Eric,
yes all three audio files are played by play music software inside my mac without problems, but only one file is played by roon, maybe other two file it is seen by roon as identical files so it does not add to the library, but this is just my guess

Hello @Vincenzo_Caruso,

Can you please send the 3 files over to us as a .zip archive so that we can take a look? I will be PMing you shortly on how to upload files for analysis.


hi Noris,
this afternoon I did other tests, I managed to play all the files with roon,
I had to manually copy to the roon folder, now it works :slight_smile:-)
I did not understand why all the files were not transferred to roon automatically (as usual) but now it works !
thanks for your support


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