Play from here bug (?) on multi-disc albums

Hi chaps. Seems that if you select “play from here” somewhere on disc 1 of a multi-disc album, playback stops at the end of that disc. Is this a bug or by design? Seems a bit odd if it’s by design tbh! :slight_smile:


I’d imagine it’s by design, some multididisc collections may have 20 plus CDs in them, particularly classical, to play all 20 CDs would be a bit silly.


Hmm I’m not so sure. I reckon all discs in an album constitute the album. Seems a bit odd that it’ll play through to the end from the beginning, but not from the middle to the end.

Just add the next discs to the queue. Simples…

Hmm well of course there are ways of doing it with manual futzing, just seems odd to have to. Oh well.

I have noticed the same thing. With operas which are on 2-5 discs there would be an obvious case for Roon to queue the whole “album” (i.e. box set). But I can see that it’s a difficult call.

Maybe @brian had an persuasive reason for the current behaviour which we haven’t thought of.