Play From here vs Play Now

Roon 1.8 on macOS 11.4

Still somewhat new to Roon - or, better - still revelling in discovering its depths.

In Browser > Album sometimes I want to play:

  1. a single track
  2. a single work
  3. everything from here… most often/typically in this multi-CD album

How do I control which kind of click (single, double, CTRL/Right, hold etc?) to use, and where to use it in order to achieve those different Play actions.

My settings now don’t seem entirely logical:

Or is it the vertical order/priority that controls what happens?

Is there another (‘proper’) way to select Play from here or just Play, please?


There’s a couple of things to unpack here:

  • what these Play actions Settings do, and
  • how to invoke them when playing tracks in the Album display.

For the Play action settings:

  • yes, the drag handles (the 6 dots) for each option can be used to change the order of the menu options.
  • the top option in the menu is assigned to the “One click” .action for the tracks in the Album display

In the Album display:

  • the “One click” action is triggered when you click on the purple “Play” icon on an individual track.
  • to see the complete “Play actions” menu for a track, click elsewhere in the track - and not on the “One click” icon (or on the other icons: the :white_heart: or the “3 dots” icons)…

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Thanks very much @Geoff_Coupe !

That’s extremely clear; and just what I wanted to know.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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