Play in Incognito

One feature I really would like to have is the ability to ‘test a song’. Allow me to explain.
I particularly enjoy the ability of Roon to dive deeper and deeper into music genres, artists’ recommendations, etc. It’s quite common for me to spend a good amount of time checking unknown artists, tracks, and so on, starting from something in my library.
While the process usually works well and I’m able to find something I like, it consists inevitably of trials and errors. This will leave a trail in my history and consequentially, in my recommendations.
Being obsessive enough :slight_smile: I’m trying to keep my ‘Roon world’ as clean and consistent as possible. If I’m in the mood for some trashy music, especially while out, I’m heading to YouTube Music and that’s it.
So long story short, it would be great to have an extra option for a song or even albums, to “Play in incognito” or ‘Test the track’. This will quickly play the track or the song in a separate queue that 1- won’t change the ongoing queue and 2- won’t be counted on my profile history and music/genre recommendation.
Does it make sense at all?

Create a new profile, call it Incognito, and it’ll have a separate play history, and therefore recommendations etc. I believe this will do what you want.

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I like the idea, but I would rather have an option to have multiple queues which would also give such ability.

Having a new profile for this sounds inconvenient.

right, but being obsessive as I am, I’ll have another profile to switch to :slight_smile:

That too! But sometimes I just want to ‘test a song’

You can also edit your play history and delete the stuff you don’t want in there.

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But it’s two clicks to switch profiles… how would an incognito play action be any quicker? :slightly_smiling_face:

Incidentally, if you create a feature request, it’s a good idea to vote for it!

Well, is not ideal at all as I am switching profiles. I want to stay in MY profile, with my recommendations and everything. Thanks to my profile, I can get things recommended, but I want to be able to test them. If I have to switch profiles it doesn’t help and I have to have an entire ‘incognito section’. Makes sense?

I’ll let the other users decide if it’s worth voting, but ok… :slight_smile:

Hey, liking Britney Spears and Wham! is nothing to be ashamed of (#guiltypleasures) :rofl:


Absolutely!! :smiley: