"Play in Roon" link for sharing songs / albums


Is it possible to produce a link to play a track or album in Roon? IE when a user clicks the link, the Roon app will open and play the track/album in the link.

For example: roon://play/album/{albumName}




This would be a great way to share music with other Roon users. The way I do it now is really cumbersome. You basically have to take a screenshot, crop it, and post it. Then the person who wants to play it has to hunt down music from a browser into Roon search function. Sometimes, even if I know the exact title of the track and type it in I still can’t find the track.

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Can’t help you with provision of a link, but the 3 dot edit -> share option in Roon will help you with the screen shot hassle.

Thank you @BrianW. That works great!