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Mac Mini running Catalina

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Ethernet wired to Netgear switch

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Sonos PLAY:5

Description Of Issue

I’m new to Roon. Came highly recommended so am learning. Question is: is there a setting to have Roon just play one album, start to finish and then stop? I don’t always want it to randomly start playing something else in the library. Just play the album I selected and stop. Like the old days of vinyl (without having to flip the album) hahahaha

Thank you

Just set the “Roon Radio” slider to the off position.
In your “now playing” window go into the “Roon Radio” tab.
Set slider to “no”
See pics:

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Load the album then click the large blue Play Now button.

If in a multiple album view, right the album (i.e. select it) and click the large blue Play Now button.

The same likely applies in other views as well


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