Play music to Bose Soundbar 700 from Roon

I have a Bose Soundbar setup in my bedroom. Currently I’m streaming to an Apple TV connected to a Sony Brava TVwhich is connected to the Soundbar. Is support for the new Bose soundbars coming? or is there a higher quality sound solution I can use with the Bose?

You can use a Raspberry Pi with a DAC HAT with SPDIF out such as the Digione from

Many thanks for the info, is there link for support notes for this setup?

The Soundbar 700 only has optical S/PDIF (TOSLINK) input, so the DigiOne will be no use since this only supports coaxial. Instead hook up a Chromecast Audio with mini-TOSLINK optical cable (not sure about performance) or a IQAudiO Pi-Digi+ hat for an RPi.

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Indeed, you can use this DAC board with TOSLINK out:

My guess is that would be easy and work fine. I use a CCA for one of my endpoints, and am very satisfied.

I take an optical Output from my DAC ( headphone amp) to my Samsung HW 950 sound bar , same sorta thing

I use RPi , Digione, coax to DAC input then out on optical

Hide the wires …