Play next doesn’t appear in track context menu, but only after I select tracks [feature request?]


I’m listening to Roon Radio, and I just got an idea for a track I want to add into the playlist. So I go to the album, and assume that I can click the little 3-dot context menu next to the track - but all I see is Add to Library, Add to a Playlist, Share, and View Credits. Instead, the only way I can add to the playlist is to select the track, go to the menu at the top of the screen, hit the pull-down menu next to “play now”, and from there hit “Add Next”. I’m not a UX/UI expert, and I’m not a developer. But why wouldn’t you expose “Add Next” in the track-specific context menu?

I tried looking for this in “Settings / Play Actions”, but “Add Next” is checked (as it is by default). Maybe those settings only affect the menu for selected items?

Anyhow, if this is not something I can configure, please add it as a feature request! [and I hope, a relatively simple one!]

Did you check add next in “tracks in albums” in play actions?

Yes, in “Play Actions” under ‘Tracks in Albums’ I’ve left “Add next” checked (as is is by default). Here’s a few screenshots - please ignore the music, as it’s the result of trying to get this to work and it’s a bunch of stuff that Roon Radio picked for me that doesn’t exactly fit, hence the “I want to add this track but keep listening to Roon Radio” use case.

If you just click the track you should get a pop up rather than going up to the menu.

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Thanks @ged_hickman1 I just am dumb, and assumed that if I clicked the track it would start playing instead of creating an additional context menu. It’s funny, Roon has a lot of features of touchscreen/mobile, and a lot of features of desktop - and sometimes the two metaphors get mixed up. But most applications really have a primary use case. I’m not sure I can guess which is the more prevalent total user-hours, tablet or desktop. Would be really interesting to know. And I might make some different choices (like a bunch of stuff gets cut out in the iPhone app; I would prefer it were still there) but I get most of the choices that have been made - they are in the “reasonable people can disagree” category and hence fine and worth figuring out / remembering

There’s a learning curve, and I’m guessing it’s worth it.

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From what I’ve gathered on roon responses iPad is the most used.

Yes…and YES! :slight_smile:

There is a stated ambition to make the mobile experience better. Roon are very opaque on their roadmap so no idea as to if/when on delivery.