Play next song in album by default?

If I pull up an album in Roon and select a particular song, the app will play that song but then will then either play radio based on that track, or stop playing, depending on my radio setting. Is there any way to set the application to automatically play the next track in the album?

I know I can add the album to the play list and then go to the playlist and click “start from here.” There may be other workarounds as well, but I’d like to be able to just go to an album, click on a song, and have it automatically play all the subsequent tracks in that album.

Am I missing something? Thanks guys!

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And obviously you prefer not to start at the beginning of the album and choose “Play Album”?

I do understand what you are asking for, I enjoyed the behavior with JRIVER for example wherein if you choose track #2 of an album it would then proceed to cycle through the rest of the tracks.

Unfortunately we don’t have such feature, but there is one more workaround: hold SHIFT button and mouse right click on each track you want to select OR on the first one and the last one, after press ‘Play’ button on ‘Selection bar’ (the black one) shown in the top area of the app.

Wow, guys, this is an absolute turn-off! I have tons of classical albums that contain several works comprised of several tracks each. I naturally would like to simply click on the first track in such work (not necessarily the first track of the album), sit back and enjoy the rest of it. I certainly hope you’ll work out something more convenient then that workaround.

(My setup of iOS iPeng controlling Logitechmediaserver driving Squeezebox Touch driving PS Audio DAC offers me several straightforward modes where it would play just the selected track, continue through the rest of the album after it, or just add it to the current queue.)

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Thank you for your comment @Alpo, answering my question I was thinking only about non-classical album. We are using another approach for works which consist of several tracks, Roon can automatically recognize multi-part works and shows them in such way

Please, keep in mind that on my hard drive I have 4 separate tracks. In this way, if you want to listen the whole Work you just need to press on the Work title. Does it meet your needs?

Thank you for you suggestion, but I am also aware of this problem with Roon:

Let me just add that among other stuff I have several huge sets of Bach cantatas (as brought up in the linked post) and having each separate aria from them listed as a separate work sounds like an absolute disaster to me. I’d much rather rely on the way they are carefully catalogued into album folders in my digital library.
Please add a different way to address this in you future releases.

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