Play Now Fails from Composition Page with Large Number of Recordings [Ticket In]

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· Aww ComeOn v.2.22

Describe the issue

Trying to play a composition errors: "Tracks played are unavailable"

Describe your network setup

PC with Roon Rock cabled to router with internet playing to Bluesound Node over WiFi

This issue is happening with my setup as well, so I think it is independent of the hardware involved, but more likely an issue in the Roon software itself. We will have to wait until the Support team are fully back in the office next week for further investigation.

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Dear Geoff, thanks for responding. I can pick out singular tracks from the list of tracks this composition has and play them just fine. But I cannot play the whole list or handle it by queueing or adding it to a playlist.

The source is exclusively Tidal.

Hi Johnny You may find that those particular tracks and/or their corresponding album may have been deleted on Tidal or possibly if they were in MQA, they may be in process of being replaced as per their rollout of complete change over the next month or so.
A quick check on your Tidal app may confirm, but if not, I hope it gets sorted for you.

Thanks Fergus. Your explanation sounds plausible and I’d rather wait and hope for the issue to auto resolve. The first tracks play fine when started manually and the list has 900+ tracks. It’s too time consuming for me to prioritize.

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I’m using Qobuz and get the same issue - so that’s what also makes me think this is a bug in Roon around the manner in which the queue is built by clicking on the Play now button.

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I picked another well-known composition: Ain’t Misbehavin’ and although there are 4,161 recordings, the Play now button only queues up two tracks… So, something definitely is misbehavin’ here…

Addendum: even though Roon says it’s going to play two tracks, it actually only plays one - and that track is from a local album - not Qobuz…

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Thanks so much for reproducing this behavior. It does appear to be a glitch somewhere outside of our individual setups. Enjoy your music.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the report and thorough investigation. I’ve escalated this to our QA team after reproducing. We’ll respond here when we have any updates to share.

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Hi everyone,

We’ve confirmed this is a known issue and there’s already a fix in the pipeline - please keep an eye on Software Release Notes in the next few release cycles.