"Play Now" Problem [Answered - Roon 1.4 Core With Roon 1.3 on Remote]

I am not sure exactly when this problem occurred, but over the past several weeks I have had a problem with my Roon remote ( a Samsung Galaxy 4 Tablet) and the “Play Now” function.

The Roon program is installed on a HP Envoy laptop. From that station the “Play Now” has a drop down menu which allows you to add selections to a queue, play next, etc. From here everything works as it should. On my Samsung tablet you must select “Play Now” directly (no drop down menu) and the choices (add to queue, etc) show up. But if I am currently listening to a album and want to add something to the end I would select “Add to Queue” and the added stuff would fall into place behind all that was currently playing. But in my case “Add to Queue” puts the new stuff directly behind the current song playing instead of behind all the other stuff previously there. This is how "Add Next "should work. If i select “Add Next” it will immediately start playing, cutting in on whatever was originally playing. Did my tablet miss an update or something?

Those symptoms suggest your running Roon 1.3 not Roon 1.4 on your remote.
Could you double check what build version is running (Settings --> About).

I just checked and you are correct . It says: This Tablet- Roon Version 1.3(build 247) stable (32 bit).

Core:stereo-laptop-Roon Version 1.4(build 298)stable (64 bit).

Cool, once upgraded to 1.4 it will be good.

Carl, how do I upgrade to 1.4? Keep in mind I am pretty computer illiterate. Thanks a lot for your help.

go into google play store > click on the three lines in the upper left hand corner > click on settings > click on auto-update apps.

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