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When I play an album in Roon using Quboz, the “Play Now” button is dark blue and begins playback. When I try to play a playlist I have made, it is pale blue and does not respond, so I have to begin playback by going to the first track on the playlist and pressing that. Is that what is supposed to happen, or do I need to do something in settings etc ?


Can you post a screenshot showing the playlist?

as requested.

Hi @ATC_300ASL,

Thanks for the screenshot. Does this playlist only contain Qobuz tracks or are there any local library tracks on it as well?

To confirm here - you’re using the top right “Play Now” button from the screenshot? I see that it’s a light blue instead of the dark blue you were describing, which means that it should work. In what case is the play button a dark blue instead?


Yeah, only Qobuz tracks. I raised the initial query yesterday evening (uk). When I awoke this morning, I responded to your request for a screenshot. You will notice that there is an icon of a head ? next to the Q - ATC that had not been there last night, but, which made the “Play Now” button function correctly. I have come from work this evening & the head icon has gone again and “Play now” is again inert. Hence, to summarise this very turgid query, what is this icon & how does one engage it ? Thanks.

Hi @ATC_300ASL,

The icon next to the playlist name indicates that this is a shared playlist (meaning multiple users can access it no matter what Roon profile is in use).

As for next steps:

  1. Can you please share a screenshot with the play button grayed out (not click-able)?

  2. If you click the 3-dot menu next to the play now button and go to Edit..., what is the Owner of the playlist? Is it set to “Shared (Visible to all profiles)”?

As requested, inert “Play Now” (screenshot 1)

I then went to edit, made my sad little playlist visible to everyone, the icon re-appears(screenshot 2) and “Play Now” is active.

Conclusion ???

Hi @ATC_300ASL,

What profile are you currently using? You can click on the main menu (“hamburger”) icon to pull up the Roon sidebar, the profile name should be listed at the top.

Who was the owner of this playlist (before you set the playlist to shared)? It almost seems like you were trying to access the playlist of another profile and that’s why you couldn’t play it.

Both profile & playlist owner have the same name. However, this morning, I am able to use “Play Now” without sharing, perhaps the person sharing my profile is not on Roon. I’ll make my profile name uber unique to see if that fixes it.


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Hi @ATC_300ASL,

Thanks for confirming that both the profile and the playlist owner were the same. I have a few more general questions so that we can better understand how this occurred:

  1. Can you describe the process you used to access this playlist? Did you access it from your playlist tab or by clicking a hyperlink to it from another area of Roon?

  2. Do you often switch between profiles on Roon, and you were switching a few times and only then did the play button become disabled?

  3. Was this the only playlist that was affected by this behavior?

Went back on this morning, & even with my new profile, I’m back to “Play now” not functioning. To answer your questions:

  1. I access the playlists from the prompt below “My Profile - Stuff”, every time.
  2. Until I changed it yesterday, I have never changed it since the day I joined Roon , ? years ago.
  3. No, every playlist.

Just to re-iterate, “Play Now” works every time when I go to Qobuz via “Browse”.

Presumably you can interrogate my account from your end to find out what is going on & that’s fine by me.

This is a very small issue, so, please drop if you feel this has taken enough of your time. I can cope.

Hi @ATC_300ASL,

Thank you for confirming this information.

I believe this issue might be database-related, and as such I’m hoping that you could upload a copy of your Roon database by using these instructions.

Can you please look over the instructions and let me know if you have any issues doing so? I will send you the location where you can upload it via private message.


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