Play on Android Devices [solved]

Since installing the Roon server I’ve discovered I can play on my phone (Pixel XL) which is very cool for in the house moving around or within range of wifi and opens up a bluetooth speaker option as well. That said I can’t seem to add any additional devices like my Pixel C tablet. Is there a reason one works, but the other doesn’t?

Can you explain exactly what’s happening, or what steps you’re taking that don’t seem to be working?

Fixed this … it was user error of course. You need to check the audio settings from each device to activate them as a default location for playback. This is actually pretty killer. I’m thinking of putting some older unused devices into rotation as remotes and potential endpoints now!


I have a couple of old android phones that are locked to an overseas carrier…users all iPhones now…so might just use these as mobile endpoints in the house…under a pillow…

Now if Roon only had a sleep timer to stop playback…blissssssszzzzzzzz

Yep, I’ve been advocating the reuse of old Android devices as remotes and mobile endpoints for well over a year. Glad you are enjoying it.

I seem to be losing sight of the mobile devices … As you can hopefully see in these screens I no longer have the Pixel as a playback option. Just remote control …

Hi Jonathan,

I’m not sure if this is your issue, but are you trying to send music to one mobile device from a different remote?

You may have Private Zone checked for your mobiles.

Check this out.

Cheers, Greg

The device in the screenshots is the device I’m trying to use and control and it’s not available. Appreciate that private tip … Should be great when I get the kids on here.

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