Play on devices on routed/seperate networks

I have been a long time user of Sonos that have shiftet to Roon. This is a great product that can tie all my devices together. Currently 7 Sonos devices and a Rpi with Digione SPDIF to my Benchmark DAC1. All these devices are on my secure network 192.168.1.xx
I also have two Chromecasts on my insecure (wifi) network together with the familys mobile devices - ip 192.168.30.xx
I can connect from my mobile android on my insecure network (192.168.30.xx) to the Roon server (Ubuntu Linux) on the secure network (192.168.1.xx - and i can stream from the Roon server to my mobile i guess that the RAAT protocol is able to cross routed networks.
I have the 2 Chromecasts on my insecure network and the Roon server cant find these when i select <setup - audio> the Chromecasts does not show up.
I can tell the mobile to connect the Roon server by giving it the speciik ip adress of the server - and it connects over the routed network.

I need to know how to tell the Roon server find the 2 Chromecasts on the 192.168.30.xx network - i.e by specifying the device ip address somwhere in the config of the Roon server.
Is there a way to do this?

I believe the discovery service used by Roon to advertise itself/find components is not routable.

Perhaps it could with the help of a ‘helper’ service like is used for DHCP in large networks, but the helper would need to be supported by any routers (or switches that route) on the network to be effective.

I too like to keep my IoT devices isolated but have compromised to use Roon one of them. I just can’t see enough demand for resources to be dedicated to making Roon work in a routed network but a post in Feature Requests never hurts.

Thank you for the reply.
Well i thought that there were a setup file or similar here I could enter the ip address of the device that were supposed to be discovered. Just like on the controller where I can enter the ip address of the Roon server and the server can use the controller as a playback device.
I will enter a feature request